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fulmine incendio quarto

Fourth, the cottage is struck by lightning: the fire destroys the house and the warehouse

Genoa. A powerful fAt the height of the quarto Ulmain would have beaten a half-abandoned hut, In Genoa, a few hundred meters from the beach, via De Siglamini. Immediately after the fire is extinguished, It destroyed the house and its warehouse in a few hours.

The intervention of firefighters, which lasted through the night, allowed the flames to subside Not extended to dense neighboring plants, A large flame ignites the front. The fire was extinguished this morning, while rescue operations began.

According to the technical experts Limit (From whose network we took the photos) It would have been A ‘positive’ lightning bolt: “That particular type of electrical discharge that does not appear from the base of the cumulonimbus (like most common negative lightning strikes), but from above, Before falling to the ground, it should move horizontally even for 15/20 km“.

It will be lightning “It simply came to our notice then. As, in addition to carrying an energy 4 to 80 times more Compared to the classic negatively charged lightning bolts, they can strike in places where people do not worry about the presence of a storm, due to the distance. An imaginary observer, with the sky completely clear from the clouds or almost, He sees a bolt of lightning falling near him, a “bolt from the blue” precisely“.

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