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Reviews on Steam make the game brutal -

Reviews on Steam make the game brutal –

With the release of the final version of Battlefield 2042 Finally appeared Reviews Of users Steam, Which made the game really brutal. Since we are talking about an overall “mostly negative” rating with 22% positive reviews, this word does not seem appropriate in this case. Considering that the reviews are already around 12,000, this is a very representative model, indicating that there are more than a few issues.

But what are the drawbacks highlighted by PC gamers? Meanwhile, the lack of content reported by many negative reviews, there are many bugs and unresolved issues in various aspects of the interface and the game. There are also those who complain that Steam has approved the start of the game Initial access, When in fact it was an absolute topic, basically the first hour users made it into beta testers (the rule prevents it).

Many have also complained of over-attention Graphics, Compared to past episodes, the game is put up for sale at the expense of playing the game. In essence, Battlefield 2042 is currently one of the few Triple Evils in recent months that has been rated very badly by players on Steam.

For more information about the game, read our Battlefield 2042 review.

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