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Carmen Russo with Sophie Cotconi "You Say Things" / Download more Gianmaria

Carmen Russo with Sophie Cotconi “You Say Things” / Download more Gianmaria

Carmen Russo from the side of Sophie Cotconi

Carmen Russo It seems to have found its balance inside the house Big brother VP. After Monday’s live broadcast, the showgirl and dancer became the protagonists of a new “hot” moment. To keep her company in the showerHot material“The other two beauties of the House by Donna Summer, namely Manila Nazaro and Francesca Cipriani, attracted the attention of all the whips who enjoyed watching the three friends. Spoke face to face. Sophie Cotconi What happens in the home and especially the relationship between the influencer and Gianmaria Antinolfi. According to Carmen, Sophie has always been consistent: “You say things, you have no filters”.

He took the opportunity to talk about his relationship with other celebrities, especially during this difficult week, when he felt he had been beaten by everyone for not washing the dishes when it was his turn.

Carmen Russo: Will be home until March 2022

Carmen Russo She was the only one recommended Gianmaria Antinolfi (Excluding), thus not going to the appointment. The showgirl was thus able to spend a week quietly, returning as the “mom” of many VIPs and having fun indoors with her friends. Lately, Carmen has been frustrated thinking about her daughter Maria: “Has Maria forgotten me in these two months?, Asked Miriana Travison and Manila Nassaro, who, like him, left their children outside the Big Brother Whip house.

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That’s impossible”, The two friends reassured her. The extension of the plan is not yet known to VIPs Until March 2022 Also, as in the previous year, they will be given the option to choose whether to continue or leave the program. Will Carmen resist or will he return to his daughter Maria and her husband Enzo Palo Durci?

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