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Return: Corrupted savings after the first link is released - News

Return: Corrupted savings after the first link is released – News

Many Players To explain Face the error message CE-100028-1 Since the connection was established, with the unfortunate consequences of breaking the backup, therefore, progress is lost. Patch 1.3.3 was therefore hastily withdrawn at 11:30 pm, and Housemark indicates that players affected by the error code CE-100028-1 should download the game again. A new connection should be available in a few months. Hours. “If in doubt, do not run the game until the next link is installed.“, Recommends the studio on Twitter.

Before this unexpected catastrophe, it was First fix After all, under certain conditions, players must respond to the issue of trophies not being awarded. Unfortunately, the missing trophies do not return a poster, including those kept by strong bosses. At work, then. Restoring health from the Helios ship should now function normally, as well as wearing replacement clothing and rebuilding controls should no longer cause problems in collecting items and opening doors.

But the most important point is concerns “Many stability fixes in response to rare malfunctions“. Accidents reported by many users (not so rare) indicate loss of current cycle, which is enough to drive the user frantically, the player rides for 10 minutes or 2 hours …

Regarding the lack of manual backup during rotation, there is also a housemark Of course Complaints from players who want to save and exit the game (we should currently use PS5’s sleep mode to interrupt a game without losing its progress), but it may be for future connection.

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