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Return: A long video game, battle and 11 things to know

Return: A long video game, battle and 11 things to know

Will return A new protagonist Long video The official PlayStation Access was released by the YouTube channel, which shows different footage Sports Study for Housemark’s new PS5 exclusive game, lots of battle and generally explains 11 things to know On the topic coming up later this month.

Overall, we deal 8 minutes Scenes taken from the game can provide some unprecedented insights between different settings and situations, and replace close and dynamic fights with some reflective and exploratory stages, or new elements Shoot roguelike D Housemark.

The replacement of these elements makes the return particularly interesting War With monsters and assorted threats and situations Adventure The decisive peculiarity between science fiction and psychological horror is that it also explores the specific image of the game’s protagonist Celine.

As far as we know, the woman was an astronaut who mysteriously collided with her ship Pianetta atrophos, An alien and strong hostile environment that seems to cover up deep secrets, somehow connected The protagonist’s past. This not only leads to the fight for Celine’s survival, but also to the fact that after each death there is a continual resumption of what looks like a real ruckus, leading to the discovery of the planet’s mysteries and its mysterious connections with its past.

After the trailer that provided us with the enemies we have to face in the game and the news revealed by the preview produced by Sony, we are coming to PS5 with these 8 minutes and 11 interesting curiosities about Return April 30, 2021.

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