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Record Calls: The new app allows you to record every conversation

Record Calls: The new app allows you to record every conversation

The new Google app lets you record calls. In particular, the tool is designed for unknown numbers.

It’s been a good year since Google first released support for call logs in the Google Phone app. However, so far, the tool only works for calls to numbers stored in your contacts. Thanks to the new extension, you can do it now Record callsDerived from unknown numbers.

Record Calls: The new tool makes it possible

This feature was soon released in the company’s Pixel line, followed by some Nokia devices and some Xiaomi phones. Tears of the latest update for the Google Phone app (version 59) revealed new strings of code highlighting the upcoming functionality. So you can record all incoming calls on your smartphone quickly without exception.

“You or the person you are talking to may be in a position where everyone has to agree to register”, Is called This is the first line of code released by XDA developers. “Everyone will be notified in advance that the conversation will be recorded. It is yours to follow the rules for recording calls. Records will only be saved on your phone.”

After the denial, a confirmation dialog will appear asking if you want to enable automatic call recording for numbers that are not in the user’s contact list. To enable or disable the feature, there will always be two options, Register and Cancel. The transition to the function is also specified in the strings, which will be displayed in the application settings as soon as the function is rolled.

Unknown numbers and their risks

Healthy distrust for some unknown numbers. Because they can be spam calls with nothing for you. It is better not to call them back. This is not exactly reliable when an unknown or suspended number calls you. But there is a way to find out who is behind this – Even without recording calls.

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