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Recognition, Security: Why La Postே calls you to create ... your digital identity

Recognition, Security: Why La Postே calls you to create … your digital identity

Where did your essential tax number go for your online tax return? Or where I am with my retirement points My training rights ? How to calculate my family quickly? Many questions then require time consuming steps and become a mystery. Precious passwords sometimes do not indicate that you are simply lost or not lost. La Poste – which has gone a little step ahead of the competition in this field – has been offering since Monday to simplify your life by creating your digital identity, a kind of digital portfolio based on the technology of the Thales team.

Hides one of the big issues behind this brief period Digitalization of everyday life. “Accessing websites securely without entering passwords is a solution and a global key,” says Sylvain Collich, director of digital identity at La Post.

Derived from the National Information Systems Security Agency (ANCI), National IT Security Defender, and “substantial” security status, which allows for the creation of digital identities. On a large scale. For now, La Postே only offers this label in France at this location.

To be immersed in the current future of 300,000 pioneers already in France who created their account, you need to bring an identity document or a residence permit for more than 5 years. Once your details are entered by the Account Manager, the Initiating Agent, your digital identity is in place. From then on, you get safe browsing. “Who wouldn’t dream of being able to do everything online without having to stand in line or walk around for two hours,” says Sylvain Collich.. Through this project, the aim is to allow the customer to achieve what they have previously achieved in real life in a secure digital universe with a unique identifier. “

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Once your digital identity is created at a post office or remotely – a free process – you have access to numerous named websites and administrative procedures. More than 900 sites that need to be accurate are accessed via the France Connect button, which is the gateway to safe browsing the web when identified. If France Connect acts as a portal, digital identity will be key. To make browsing more secure, a digital identification button will be activated on the France connection and a code will be sent to each user’s mobile phone for authentication.

Ambition: Create 10 million accounts in four years

Sylvain Collich assures that “the possibilities offered by digital identity are endless” and that her company is targeting 10 million accounts in four years. Take a student’s case, he or she can register for exams, find his or her driving license results, retrieve diplomas, or register on the voter list for the first time. And even pay his energy bills. “

While navigation is primarily concerned with public service sites (tax, CAF, health insurance, etc.), the private sector needs to join the movement quickly. This will allow La Post to make its tool profitable. In the same way with Digital Security, also known as Digiposte, This service is free for individuals, but charges for businesses.

Thanks to digital identification, you can already report fraudulent use of your bank card to make medical appointments using your digital identity on the Mediclick site. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. For now, users are unaware of the need to create their own digital identity, which professionals qualify as a “hidden need”. “But in five years, everyone will know,” says the prophecy of Sylvain Golich.

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Last week, the European Union urged its members to move quickly Establishing digital identity Across the continent. The idea is to make the 27-member national body operational by 2023. A free service, accessible to all but not mandatory.