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Metroid Dread - E.M.M.I.

Metroid Dread: Producer Explains the End of Difficulty – ntower

For many players it was Metroid fear Not an easy task. The final boss in particular made life hell for many fans. Explained in an interview with the Japanese magazine Famitsu Manufacturer Yoshio Sakamoto Now why this team Difficulty level Chose.

EMMIs that punish you properly during the game are especially stressed if you are careless. Sakamoto explains that the player is slow but sure Learns while playingDeal with enemies. This human adaptation for robot opponents must go hand in hand with Samus’ increasing capabilities. So you continue to learn how to deal with enemies when Samos gains new power or weapons. With this, the players and the character played Gradually better.

As the team grew to a difficult level during development, it was difficult for newcomers to imagine what the experience would be like. So they decided to test it by different people. After many discussions on the team and Test feedback They admitted themselves. You can read about part of the interview:


Thanks to the new components, the game moves at a faster pace. What were you aiming for?

“We’ve built a lot of Metro games and thought a lot about what’s the right speed for each game. As for the Metroid Dread, we’re done at the right speed. I think it’s probably the best action we’ve ever seen on a Android game. “

I think you have created something that can be controlled quickly and easily. How did it equalize the difficulty compared to previous games?

“During the development we became accustomed to the difficulty, which made it difficult for a new player to understand what the game would be like. Finding the right balance for the game is one of the things we focus on, once a game is over the players know what to try next time.

Balance that seeks revenge on players.

“For example, if you set it up so that EMMI does not like a player often or they get caught they can quickly escape. You can not really express the fear about EMMI that is an important part of the game.”

Did you have serious issues with Metroid Dread or was it a happy challenge?

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