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Best Nintendo Switch Bargains

Image: Nintendo

Amazon Prime Day 2020 has arrived, and with it brought some good Nintendo Switch deals. To help you get the best deals available directly, we have already sorted everything out for you.

If discounts do not appear when you visit product pages, do not stress. They will be added during the checkout process.

Prime Day Console Deals

There is only one Nintendo Switch console deal available during Prime Day, but it’s very good.

If you buy a Nintendo Switch Console (Neon Blue / Red) And Selected Minecraft game You only have to pay 9 409 for the bundle. Even if you do not particularly care about Minecraft, you can still get good savings compared to the switch’s $ 469.95 RRP

This agreement is only available to key members, so if you are not already a member, You are holding ASAP best This is because discounted switches do not last long.

Prime Day Nintendo Switch Game Deals

Amazon Prime Day 2020
Image: Nintendo

Amazon is offering Prime Day 2020 25% off from their current price Series of Pokemon games. The list of titles includes:

If Pokemon are not your thing, you can catch them too 15% off from Amazon current price In a few more switch titles. The list of titles includes:

Other Prime Day Nintendo Switch Deals

If you already have the switch and are good for games, there are some deals available on peripherals and custom headsets.

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