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Purchased OnePlus Smartphone = Free Stadia Kit (Controller and Chromecast Ultra)

Purchased OnePlus Smartphone = Free Stadia Kit (Controller and Chromecast Ultra)

An unexpected collaboration here! Google and OnePlus have announced an alliance, allowing any OnePlus smartphone buyer to enjoy a Stadia Premier Edition package for free with a monthly Stadia Pro subscription.

In order to promote His dying service In Cloud Gaming, Google has partnered with OnePlus to provide Joint offer. From now on, you can avail the Stadia Premier version by purchasing a OnePlus smartphone. The offer is valid only in France, Germany and the United Kingdom Until next September 30th.

A beneficial partnership on both sides

Despite the relative boom in “gaming” smartphones, video games have always played a key role in OnePlus’ identity, and this collaboration only maintains this tradition. For example we can cite exclusive mode Pro Gaming, Previously called Mode Binary, A kind of home overlay dedicated to gaming to improve performance and improve the network.

It should also be noted that OnePlus is one of the first brands to be welcomed Stadia With Google Pixels and some Samsung Galaxy models before the service was available for all Android and iOS devices.

Google, for its part, is trying to re-impose its service with this offer. Because the Chromecast Ultra and a controller in the Premier Edition. So the US company OnePlus avoids locking its users through the ecosystem.

7 / 10

Google Stadia

The Stadia Premier Edition package is offered for யூ 99 with a monthly subscription to Stadia Pro. This service can count on the latest additions to games such as Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order or Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition

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How to use the offer?

To avail this offer, go through the official OnePlus store and select one of the smartphones from the list below.

Pack Stadia Premier Edition White Appears in the “Gifts” section that you can add to the basket. This includes Chromecast Pro, A Stadia controller And One month Stadia Pro subscription.

OnePlus Official Online Store // Source: OnePlus