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Android Alternative Harmony OS should get a place globally

Android Alternative Harmony OS should get a place globally

In early June, Huawei will officially offer its own mobile operating system Harmony OS for the first time. Hawaii was forced to create it because the Chinese company no longer allowed it to work with Google on everything related to Android due to US sanctions. Huawei now wants to make Harmony OS a global success – so the decision to impose sanctions may look backwards.

Harmony OS: Release and Beliefs

Huawei will soon officially release the first operating system for Harmony OS for smartphones. More precisely June 2 is the main date, according to Terstandert. Further Mobilip reports on Harmony OS In this context, Hawaii hopes to achieve global success with its own operating system. As with Android, the basic version is a component that should be open source to every developer and manufacturer. Although initially there was only a link between Android and Harmony OS, Hawaii has set a goal of developing a widely used mobile operating system worldwide. As Hawaii performs even better in Asia, Harmony OS should at least not fail, despite the concerns of some Western countries. If Harmony OS is to be a huge success, an action against Hawaii is partly responsible.

Because after the inauguration of the now-changed US President Donald Trump, the trade dispute between the US and China began. Hawaii – at least indirectly – has been the victim of this trade dispute for almost two years now. Security concerns were officially cited for the sanctions imposed on Hawaii at the time. But a few do not see this as a swipe in China. The Trump administration had banned US companies from doing business with Hawaii. In addition to chip suppliers, collaboration with Google was particularly affected. Behind the Android operating system is Google, which, in conjunction with Apple’s iOS, is the only compatible operating system for smartphones and tablets. Huawei was able to continue to use Android on its devices, but no help was available in adapting the operating system. For this reason, a maximum of Android 10 is currently mentioned in Hawaii smartphones – Android 11 is installed on current devices such as the national rivals Xiaomi, Oppo and OnePlus.

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