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PT cannot be downloaded or modified on the PS5

PT cannot be downloaded or modified on the PS5

If you’ve been thinking about deleting your PlayStation 4 in favor of upgrading to the next gen hardware, you may want to consider saving your console for now, especially if you want to revisit one of the most infamous “games” from the last few years.

Of course, we are talking B.D., Dear demo from Hideo Kojima, this should act as a concept Silent Hill The game was created by the famous designer in collaboration with Guillermo del Toro and Norman Ridges. Unfortunately, after the separation of Kojima Publisher Konami, the latter decided to follow a burnt earth policy, which went so far as to be completely eliminated B.D. From Sony’s servers, it is “impossible” to re-download or add to your existing PS4 library.

Of course, some brave fans found some workarounds, and long ago, it was completely possible to re-download the game until Konami added it to your library before pulling its plug. Around a corner around the launch of the PlayStation 5, a few outlets began to report it B.D. Can’t run on Sony’s new hardware, though some fans believed it could be changed or re-downloaded in some style.

Unfortunately, we’re here to blow that bubble. After spending some time on the retail console, you can confirm it now B.D. Unable to install on PlayStation 5. When it is displayed in your library (assuming you are logged in to your existing BSN account), it cannot be selected or accessed in any way, which prevents users from achieving even one theory. “Download” screen. For those who want to change it from their PS4 as part of data transfer, you are out of luck. We tried it, and when you reach the menu to select which games you want to move from your PS4 to your PS5, B.D. Is gray and cannot be selected.

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So, for now, you may want to stop removing your PS4 unless someone in the future creates a clever task. Of course, if you have a PC, there are other, unofficial ways B.D. Experience.