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PS5 Update: Download Awesome Next Gen PlayStation Games This Week |  Gaming |  Entertainment

PS5 Update: Download Awesome Next Gen PlayStation Games This Week | Gaming | Entertainment

PS5 console owners have another big game going for the PlayStation operating system this week, packed with the latest updates.

The good news for fans is that this latest addition to the PS5 library will not be a limited edition like the PS Plus.

The game will be available for download later this week in its updated form, with the latest updated titles.

The next game to get the next gen treatment is Destiny 2, launching with the Beyond Lite expansion on the popular free-to-play shooter PS5.

Destiny 2 was relaunched in 2017 on the PS4 and Xbox One, and is set to surpass both consoles.

It is a very popular game, and its new free-to-play model makes it even more attractive.

It should be noted that this week’s surprise Xbox and PS5 update will be free to download, which will not be extended to Beyond Lite DLC.

If you want to access all the new content added to the game you have to buy it from the store.

PS5 players can be expected to play Destiny 2 at 4K resolution, with 60 fps open and 120 Hz crucible support included.

Between the PS4 and PS5 consoles there is cross-drama support and faster load times.

Sony and developers Poongi have confirmed that this new update will be available for download on December 8th.

However, although Destiny 2 can now be downloaded, gamers will have to re-download the entire game for the next gen experience.

Further details on the release of the next Zen Destiny 2 tell Boogie fans: “When updating to the 3.0.1 update on December 8th, users of the next Zen console (Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5) will need to download the full version, regardless of their lite Regardless of whether Destiny 2 has been playing since its introduction.

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“It does not affect Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or Steam users. No pre-load is available for this connection – pre-loads are generally only available for expansion type connections and not for hotfix or seasonal updates.

“For the first time we offer Field of View customization on consoles. Our goal is to enable an FOV limit similar to the one on the system.

“We are currently testing these systems to ensure smooth performance on each site and will be close to launching more details.

“There will be significant improvements in things like loading the game and inspecting the writing materials. However, some load times depend on networking and matchmaking. So, loading operations will take more time when you are looking for enemies.

“For cross-generation play, Xbox Series X | S players can play with Xbox One players. PlayStation 5 players can play with PlayStation 4 players.”

Destiny 2 is not the only game recently compatible with the PS5, Warframe now has another free-to-play option to download.

Note that Worms Rumble is one of the free downloads if you have a PS Plus account.

The official shooting description of the new arena reads: “This is a worm-like, intense, real-time, arena-based 32-player cross-level battle like you’ve played before!

“Use a variety of fan-favorite weapons such as the Passover and Shotgun, and use all the new additions to the arsenal that can bring pain as you climb into ranks against invertebrate enemies.

“Customize your worm and then participate in seasonal events, daily challenges and community collaborations for extra XP and rewards and test game modes in the lab.”

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