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PS5: how to download free games for the PlayStation 5 and PS Plus

PS5: How to Download Free Games for PlayStation 5 and PS Plus

The hotly anticipated PlayStation 5 now sells the Xbox Series X with Sony’s latest offer. There is a lot of hype about the fifth generation PlayStation with processing speed 100 times faster than its predecessors Sony Claim will eliminate annoying load times.

As it stands, you have a small selection of exclusive games to start with, namely: Astro’s Game Room (It is already installed on the console), Souls of Monsters, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, And Chakbai: A great achievement. But there are one Full host of free games, You may be familiar with some of them and they are available for download.

Here’s all you need to know to get caught up in these compliments.

How To Download Free Games On PS5

  • Drive your PS5 and sign in to your BSN account
  • Access the PlayStation Store (blue PlayStation Buy Icon) from the main menu
  • Scroll down and click on the ‘Free’ section
  • It will open all available free games and then you can filter by alphabetical order or other criteria. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people Fortnight, Warson, Rocket League And Apex Legends
  • Select the game you want to download and make sure you have enough space in your console’s memory to save it

How To Download PS Plus Games On PS5

There are two ways to access PS Plus games, but first you need to make sure you have your BSN account PS More active. To sign up you will need to subscribe to one of three payment plans that will give you access Two free PS4 games per month A PS5 game until you continue your subscription. Those projects:

Monthly PS Plus Subscription: 99 9.99

Three months PS Plus subscription: $ 24.99

Year PS Plus subscription: $ 44.99

Once you get the PS Plus subscriptions the free games are very easy to access and can be done in two ways:

  • Method One: In PS5 menu Click the PS Plus icon and you will be taken directly to that category in the PS Store.
  • Method Two: If you have B.S. As part of your PS Plus membership there is a specific PS Plus section where you can watch all the free games, including the games that you can access.

All PS Plus subscribers will have access to 20 popular PS4 games PS Plus Collection, Include Batman: Arkham Knight, Battlefield 1, Call of Duty Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles, And Fallout4.