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Pokédex, history and various details in the leak -

Differences and Exclusive Pokémon –

In this guide by Pokemon glowing diamond and Pokemon glowing pearl Let’s explain Differences And we will list Exclusive Pokemon In each edition.

According to tradition, remakes of two fourth-generation Pokemon games also differ from one version to another. Let me be clear, nothing greatly affects the adventure or gaming experience, but it is good to get a clear idea before choosing which of the two versions to buy. What really makes a game unique compared to another is that it has a good number of unique Pokமொmon, which is an important feature for those who want to complete Pokédex 100% or want to create their own “dream team” with some creatures.

Don’t worry, Pokச்சுmon feature both Pokemon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Both the Pokemon Shining Diamond and the Pokemon Shining Pearl have unique creatures that cannot be caught in the other version. For example, only in the Shining Diamond can you get a larvae and turn it into a more powerful tyrant, while pagan, shelkon and salmon are only found in the Shining Pearl.

However, as far as exclusive creatures are concerned, the most weighty differences for most players are about the legends. Apparently on two Pokemon cards, Dialka and Balkia, Are only available in one of two versions. In particular, the Dialka Pokemon Shine appears only on the Diamond, and the Balkia Pokemon Shine appears only on the Pearl. But that’s not all.

Once you become the Sinno League champion, you will have access Rosa Rugosa Park, An unprecedented place introduced exclusively with fourth generation remakes, where you will meet Legendary Pokémon, some of which are exclusive to one version or another. In particular, at the Shining Diamond you can find the trio of Ho-O and Johdo’s legendary beasts Ryko, Nde and Sookun. However, in the glowing pearl, there are three of the legendary birds of Lugia and the condo, the japtos, the maltress and the artichoke.

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If your goal is to finish Pokédex 100%, you can get Pokémon in your version Trade with other players Or you can import them with Pokemon Home service, however it will only be available for Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl in 2022.

You can find it belowExclusive Pokemon List By Diamante Lucente and Perla Splendente, based on official information and shared online by both existing game owners and Data Miner. We hope the list is reliable, but we will make changes in the next few days if necessary.

Shining Diamond Exclusive Pokemon

Exclusive Pokemon for Shining Pearl

Granitos Shining is one of the unique Pokemon of the Diamond
Granitos Shining is one of the unique Pokemon of the Diamond

With the exception of the exclusive Pokmon, glowing diamonds and glowing pearls are not particularly different. Storyline, Gym, Coaches, Activities and Content in general Are practically identical.

Most of the conversations, especially those related to Team Galaxy, may differ slightly in terms of the legendary Pokemon or Dialca and Balkia on the cover, but nothing in particular matches. So, if you do not decide which version is best, choose the one with the exclusive Pokemon you like the most, especially the Legends, it is very difficult to get them by exchanging them with other practitioners online.