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PS Now prevents free next-generation updates

PS Now prevents free next-generation updates

PS Now blocks free next-generation updates on PlayStation 5 – that’s exactly what Sony wanted!

Your Borderlands 3 or Marvel’s Avengers If you want to play on the PlayStation 5 via PlayStation Now, you will only find the PS4 versions of both titles. Sony only offers PS4 versions of the game streaming subscription service.

Both games are available on Sony’s subscription service, but with restrictions for the PlayStation 5 players. Like the news page Bush Square Free next-generation updates for Borderlands 3 and Marvel’s Avengers have been disabled on the PlayStation 5 via PS Now.

Bush Square continues, “This week’s update to Sony’s flagship PlayStation Now is one of the best in a long time. However, this is an example of just how messy the manufacturer’s membership model is, because although there are two titles for PS5 to PS5 updates, you can only run the last gen version. “

Sony has confirmed that the latest additions to the PlayStation Now, especially Marvel Avengers and Borderlands 3, are only the PlayStation 4 versions. It was believed that the lack of a PS5 upgrade path might be the cause of the error, but according to the company it is intentional. “

“PS Now, as it is now, is a PS4 service – it has no PS5 games. However, this again illustrates the confusing change that Sony’s console is going through. Since both Marvel Avengers and Borderlands 3 offer native PS5 versions with free upgrades, many PS Now subscribers rightly assumed that they would gain access to the next-gen ports as well. not like that. “

If you want to run the next gen versions of both titles on the PlayStation 5, you are not allowed to use the PlayStation Now subscription, but you must own both games. The unfortunate scenario and Sony’s questionable move, as both games have free and comprehensive next-generation updates.

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