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Promesa Game of the Year - Live 4.Life

Promesa Game of the Year – Live 4.Life

The Italian Video Game Awards 2021 They revealed Winners, Especially Promise: Granted an independent title created by Eremo Italian Game of the Year.

Starting from the interesting nominations for the Italian Video Game Awards 2021, the event’s international arbitrator took its conclusions, especially the quality and personality of some of the projects Rhinocento.

The Italian Video Game Awards 2021 was celebrated yesterday evening in the inspiring setting of the Museum of the Ancient Ships of Pisa, which presented the distinction of Italian video game products selected by a high international arbitration panel.

Promesa was awarded as the best Italian sport.

Organized by IITEA and the Toscana Film Commission as part of First Play, a business-to-business event, the event was co-hosted by Roy News24’s Tario Marchetti and’s British journalist Iof Wilson.

The main purpose of the evening was to celebrate and promote the production of Italian video games, which drew attention to the Italian specialty to enhance their international popularity.

The referee will select the winners from a total of five categories:

  • The best Italian game – Promise – Erimo
  • The best Italian intro game – Beyond your window – Team SolEtude
  • Excellent invention – Griffelm – Johnny Dale Lonac
  • The best Italian company – Holy Zone
  • Excellent personal contribution – Moro Funelli

Santa Roque, awarded as the best Italian company.
Santa Roque, awarded as the best Italian company.

The work of the jurors was very difficult, especially for certain categories, such as important recognition for the best Italian company, which was best understood this year. Holy reason, Was chosen for its innovative display and interactive design, which allowed the company to create an interesting sports portfolio. The three-member team has always maintained the tradition and style of Italian design for its unique approach and its excellent ability to experiment.

Moro Funelli, The central figure of the National Video Game Panorama, has been awarded the Outstanding Personal Contribution Award, which celebrates a career full of outstanding professional achievements and prosperity: activities ranging from the creation of the first exclusive video game website in Italy, to development and boarding. ‘Many successful indie titles in the experience with Mixback, Italian studios and the current promotion of young talent through the incubator at Sinecita in Rome.

Moro Funelli, awarded for Outstanding Personal Contribution.
Moro Funelli, awarded for Outstanding Personal Contribution.

The ceremony took place in the presence of the winners and some corporate guests inside the Museo del Navi Antich in Pisa. After last year’s full digital event, this is a small but important first sign of a return to normalcy, which gives hope for future releases.

Dalita Malage, General Manager, IITEA, said: “We are very pleased with the companies and individuals nominated and awarded at IVGA 2021. This year in particular the competition was at a very high level and referees for sophisticated missions. We are committed to the forum and have been able to identify the winners.

Data from a recent census of Italian game developers showed that by 2020 the sector was the youngest, most vibrant and growing, surpassing the global epidemic. All of this was confirmed by the recommended titles of IVGA 2021, which showed high art elements with original and creative ideas.

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