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F1, Austria, Libere 1: ci sono le Ferrari dietro a Verstappen

Behind Verstappen are Ferraris

We start again when we are finished: Max Verstappen was very fast in the first free training session of the Austrian GP, ​​resuming the path dominated by the Dutch driver last week. The soft C5 tires reached the Max 1’05 “143, which was eight tenths faster than the first round of the styrene GP, which was also held in the Red Bull Ring. Smooth combination, but temperature, performance desired. Low temperature 14 degrees lower on asphalt.

R.P. Balance in the Red Bull Ring: In other races Maranello technicians were more focused on racing speed than they were on the flying lap and now they sought a better balance that would not penalize merit. Mini smooth running for a long time.

The drivers also had two sets of prototype Pirelli tires; It is a composite C4 that has a new hard construction on the back, which is the next British GPS. The symptoms appear to be positive, so there should be no problems.

After Ferraris, Valteri Botas topped the three-tenths mark with the best Mercedes. Finn rode in a more charged structure than seventh-placed Lewis Hamilton: he made 14 laps with prototypes at the start of the World Champion session, and then went “searching” for clues to understand W12’s behavior last weekend, with lower rear wings.

Yuki Sunoda with Alpatori and Kimi Raikkonen with Alfa Romeo slipped between two black arrows, the two surprises of the day. The Hinville team ran the galley in the car of Antonio Giovinci, the Englishman ranked 16th over another Ferrari FDA driver Mick Schumacher.

It was a session with many test drivers: Chinese Zhao made his debut in Fernando Alonso’s Alpine, finishing 14th, three places behind Stephen Okan, half a second faster than Rookie. George Russell (who was supposed to load the third Mercedes engine over the weekend) did not go down the road because Roy Nissani put his Williams 18th ahead of Nicholas Latifi.

Sergio Perez is eight years old: Mexican is aware of the new fund with shark teeth that only Max had last Sunday. The Red Bull driver finished ninth in the Alpha Toure with Pierre Casley and the top 10 finisher with McLaren and Londo Norris, while Daniel Ricciardo finished 12th.

Lance Stroll 13th and Sebastian Vettel 15th The list ends with two troubled Aston Martins, Nikita Masebin Haas.