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Project Zero 5 is only available on eShop in Europe ... but not in Japan

Project Zero 5 is only available on eShop in Europe … but not in Japan

The latest trailers for Project Zero’s new Nintendo Switch version: Prestige of Blackwater (Dangerous Framework: Black Water in the US Contacting Koi Techmo confirms the bad news. A physics version is not planned for North America or Europe.

On the other hand, Project Zero: La Priest des Eux Noirs (Dangerous Frame: Maiden of the Black Water of America) will receive a physical release in Japan and the Asian version. French also seems to be supported (but the information needs to be confirmed). The English language is well established for the Ninja Cayden: Master Collection, which was only available in the digital version in the West, but its physical versions were also available in other regions.

It is reminiscent of the original (and failed) cast of Project Zero: Priest of the Black Waters when it was released for Wii U at the time. Available only in the physics version of the collector (and to a lesser extent), this game was primarily released on eShop on the Free 2 Start. You can do the first chapter for free and pay for its sequel.

Project Zero: Prestige of Blackwater (Dangerous Frame: Maiden of Blackwater in the United States) will be released on October 28 in eShop in Europe and France.

Discover all the horror of the original game plan Zero: The gift of black water, complete with redesigned footage, new costumes and photo mode. The main adventure consists of three interconnected stories that lead the player to reveal the gruesome truth behind the recent tragic deaths in a jungle with a terrifying history. Play one of the three characters armed with the camera Obscura and be able to see the shadows of the missing. This game takes you on a bloody adventure where you have to go to uninhabited places like the ruins of a strange inn, a sanctuary full of human-sized toys or a lake full of dead priests. Each area of ​​the game is connected by a stream of water that crosses the mountain. This sacred water is connected with a very terrible mystery: the story of the dead and the darkness of Mount Hikami.

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