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Evil Geniuses – A Story Of Success

The american esports organization Evil Geniuses was founded in 1999 and competes in worldwide competitive championships in many different games from different niches like Dota 2,CS:GO, Rocket League, Halo, Rainbow Six Siege, League Of Legends, Valorant and many others.

With winning The International 2015 Dota Cup in the KeyArena in Seattle, Evil Geniuses recieved the largest price payout in esports history at that time. 6,6 million dollar for the winner. CDEC Gaming and LGD Gaming came in second and third.

The roots of EG are in the first person shooter Quake back in 1999, so ist obvious that they tried to make a name in other first person shooter games like Counterstrike Global Offensive. They’ve built up an awesome, experienced and truly successful team and won many championships during their active years. In 2012, Evil Geniuses had to take the dismissal of its whole Counterstrike Global Offensive squad, except their star player Jordan „n0thing“ Gilbert, he stayed till the end of 2012 and then joined Complexity Gaming. After these big personel losses Evil Geniuses started on expanding and focussing in other first person shooters like Halo and Rainbow Six.

But in 2022, just at the right time for the upcoming CS:GO season, Evil Geniuses – a professional esports team are hyped to introduce their legendary and accomplished player equipped roster. Big names bring big expectations, but Evil Geniuses are confident to rule them all.


This ist he 2022 Roster:

William “RUSH” Wierzba

Jake “Stewie2K” Yip

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Timothy “autimatic” Ta

Vincent “Brehze” Cayonte

Tsvetelin “CeRq” Dimitrov

Damien “maLeK” Marcel – Head Coach

Paolo “EVY” Berbudeau – Assistant Coach

Juan “Hepa” Borges – Analyst


This team was built to dominate on a global scale and earn trophies to put into the showcases in their hometown in North America. CeRq and Brehze are with EG since 2019 and already earned a title at the ESL One New York. Both are looking forward to continue their way of success with and for Evil Geniuses in 2022. The new three members fort he cs:go roster are legends, Stewie2k, RUSH and autimatic. These three already brought titles to North America in 2018, their skill and teamwork back then was unquestioned. These three will bring alot of experience tot he team and defenitely still have a lot more skill and gamesense than most of the other players in major league teams. Stewie came to Evil Geniuses after winning Intel Grand Slam with Team Liquid. After two extremely solid years for Complexity, RUSH joins the Evil Geniuses. Autimatic was kind of a returning lost son, he tried his luck in different game, but came back to his roots at CS:GO and joins EG in 2022. Stewie2k will be the ingame leader, CeRq will show of quickscopes with his dragonlore AWP and autimatic will back them up with M4 and AK.

Evil Geniuses will have a bright future regarding to their well experienced coaches maLeK and EVY, both came from G2 and won plenty of titles with that team.