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Problems with the Vodafone Network in Waris Province

With alpha Connection issues For many Vodafone del Versato users. Reports are coming in – even to our editorial office – from 7am today until Tuesday, January 19, but many point it out From the early hours of the night The lines are tangled.

The first announcements were initially relevant Both the city of Ware and the southern part Province and Altomilanes. However, as the minutes go by, many users complain of service interruptions from everywhere: Valcercio, Luinis, Variety, Traddates and many more.

Is there Care Especially among those in need Work from home Who should follow Distance education. Also, in border areas, devices have the opportunity to connect with Swiss operators.

Report any issues By writing us an email or message through our Facebook page, it also indicates where you are.

Recent days – January 4 – Was instead Tim must have insults To its users a Failure assigned by the company After a few hours.

The article was updated at 8.15am

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