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Preview: Hitman 3 is over in two weeks, we have already tested the water

Preview: Hitman 3 is over in two weeks, we have already tested the water

Emir Online

Hitman3So, four years after it was launched in 2016, and after IIO was able to retain the exploitative rights of interactive hitmen and freedom fighters and restore its independence, the logical conclusion of the World Massacre trilogy. So this new episode was fully designed and released by Danish Studio, which runs parallel to the new game project 007, licensed from James Bond. The recipe does not change an Iota: as in the latest episodes of the series, the game also includes a handful of places (six, to be precise) that are considered too large to visit. And review to unlock all the secrets and find out how to remove his target (s) as efficiently and prudently as possible. It involves a lot of observation, waiting, listening and analyzing, seeing the right moment to clear someone off the map or following one of the popular script maneuvers that is planned to grab our attention. The skin of another character.

Here, I can access this area if I disguise myself as a security guard“,”If I were a photographer, I could easily reach my destination“Or Classic”I need a chef’s dress if I can kill my target by throwing a banana in their face“Some flashes of genius driven by the wardrobe sizes of the new formula Hitman, This new chapter is no exception to the rule. Version Preview We got the first two places, Dubai and Dartmoor. The first mission takes us to the heights and takes us to the top of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, while the second takes place in a large family mansion lost in the middle of the Dartmoor forest in the southwest. From the UK. Three maneuvers must be found in each level, allowing you to increase your mastery level with a hundred challenges, so you can unlock new items, clothes, entry points and weapons to use during our next attempts. Then, escalation missions and escape targets are often added to different locations to force people to rediscover levels in a new perspective.

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Like his elders, Hitman3 It is therefore a real motivation to explore and experiment, and finding a level is one of the most important stages in learning it. If you want to lift yourself up by the game and advertise as much as possible, either by following the signs on the screen or by deciding to go “blind”, you can find the characters, dialogues and objects to find it. ‘Sank. However, the first two stages of this new chapter do not have to be ashamed of their predecessors, and we think that more than ever, IO Interactive players are encouraged to spend time immersing themselves in the stages. Dubai makes a fantastic demonstration: the play area is spread over several platforms located at the top of the tower, guarded by dozens of guards, and guests have a small inaugural banquet in the large hall. Our goal: to capture two top management partners in the secret society Providence, Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuysvent.

The level is highly dependent on its verticality: we go from one site to another to follow someone, find an access card, a guard suit or something to poison the target. Instinct’s vision (which makes it possible to distinguish NPCs and interactive elements through walls) is then our best companion to this maze of polished stairs and gold columns, which would be very useful to praise their excellence Radiation tracking It should come a few months after the game is released. This is great, yes, but there is no shame in getting lost. Already, you can quickly find a way to thank the arrow paths visible on maps or some walls. If you can’t really find your way, that’s fine; This is also the preference of the developers. By listening to the doors, or by paying a little more close attention to the characters, or by wearing a costume, you can quickly find a plot or a person to continue the mission. IO Interactive also hides new interactive components in stages, which can lead to permanent shortcuts once implemented. Ladders, for example, allow access to the upper balconies of the Burj Khalifa from the start of our next mission. These shortcuts are the only elements that are placed from one session to the next, and can significantly simplify the task of players who want to open all the functions in the program.

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Orient’s crime

Thornbridge Manor served as the second place for this first look. A large Victorian building was lost in the English countryside, and Providence’s last ally, Alexa Alice Carlisle, forged his death and had to attend his own false burial. Coming there, however, we realize that this is not the most surprising element. By cleverly taking off the clothes of a detective sent like us, we learn that Alexa hired him to clarify the death of one of his family members. In all three maneuvers, the detective is based on the investigation and resolution of this puzzle, before handing over the evidence to the target and talking to them. A task The mystery of murder It tastes a little different with a “classic” levels to Gluto’s taste Hitman, Remove the suspects one by one as it is necessary here to go and investigate all the family members in that place. It’s hard to say too much without it Spoiler Important elements, but the stunning arena is reminiscent of the film Knives out Of 2019, and while relying on the same dynamics of penetration, penetration and analysis, gives a refreshing welcome to the formula.

This second task will also be an opportunity to learn about a new toy in the arsenal of Mobile Phone 47. At midnight on December 24th, the 13-year-old takes pride in discovering the joys of a cell phone and being able to scan his environment using a cell phone camera and analyze a room, an object or a body. Additional information. Its interest is very detailed at most levels, but it can also be used to open additional layers or improve descriptions. The camera can also hack some advanced locking systems on doors or windows to open the alternate path at the most secure levels like Dubai. This new gadget will not change the way you play HITMAN in any way, and will only be useful in certain situations, but it can also be reused in HITMAN and HITMAN 2 levels (depth field, zoom and filter) to take pictures with a basic photo mode.

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