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An Italian port for an NGO that kills nearly 60 migrants

An Italian port for an NGO that kills nearly 60 migrants

Rescue People, an Italian port has been set aside for the ship’s dock Ong Hon’ble President Gerardo in Colombo, with 58 immigrants. The ship set sail on Friday evening, October 8, a month after the first mission was completed, with 21 people from 4 different countries aboard for its second rescue mission from Porto Empedocill. Last August, during his first mission, he rescued 166 people.

Announcement by the NGO

To announce the work of Porto The same system that the Italians revealed in a note: “Finally the rescue people have a safe harbor! The port of Posallo is reserved for the docking of the currently 58 wrecked ship. Landing is scheduled for tomorrow”. Immediately after departure, rescue people loaded 59 migrants, including 6 women, a pregnant woman and 17 minors, on Saturday nights between Sundays and Sundays.

During the first mission, on August 15, there were 166 people in the NGO, and the ship asked all competent maritime officers to have a safe harbor. Apparently, the Italian authorities, who had set aside the port of Augusta in Sicily on August 17, responded as usual. The next day the NGO entered the port and the ship crashed. Even now, history repeats itself.

Landing tomorrow morning

Rescue people, after landing in their sixties Immigrants Asking for a safe harbor, she is ready to die on the Italian coast, precisely in the port of Posallo, in the province of Ragusa, with all the people she had. Above all, it was practically certain that Italy would again provide its assistance with the ARCI appealing to the government to take action to unload the migrants on board. At this point, landing operations are likely to begin at 8.30am tomorrow, when most of the people on board will be transferred directly to the isolated ship Aurelia, while unaccompanied minors will be taken elsewhere. On September 24, another ship, the Ocean Viking, entered the Italian port of Augusta with four of its 123 migrants in four different operations.

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