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The new Horizons update has good news for Nintendo Switch players

The new Horizons update has good news for Nintendo Switch players

A new one Animal trafficking: New frontiers The update includes some good news for players of the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite 2020 game. During a recent revenue call, Nintendo told its investors that all of these are above the moon about how many copies have been sold to date, and that it plans to run sporting events and support the game “for a long time”. Sure, for a game that will sell 30 million copies by the end of the year, this may seem like a gimmick, but Nintendo is not well known for supporting its games after its release, including the previous one. Animal Crossing Games.

Unfortunately, Nintendo has not released how this will support the game, nor will it be more or less equal to the support shown for the game since its re-release in March. All Nintendo, via President Shundaro Furukawa, is speculating on what it expects to further implement sporting events.

“Sales speed Animal trafficking: New frontiers Its initial release has slowed compared to the surrounding period, but in all our titles, it continues to maintain high sales levels. As I answered the previous question, this topic drives Nintendo Switch hardware sales in Asian markets, which have smaller sales numbers than markets in Japan, the US and Europe. Going forward, we will continue to implement sporting events and create an environment where consumers will enjoy the game for a long time. This will be the first year final sales season Animal trafficking: New frontiers, We hope more and more people will use that opportunity to buy the game. ”

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If Nintendo clarifies further in the coming days how it intends to feel this support for one of the best-selling games of this generation, be sure to update the story with what has been provided. In the meantime, for more information on everything Animal trafficking, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo, Click here or see related links below:

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