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Premium switch for whom

Premium switch for whom

A few months before the actual announcement of Nintendo Switch OLED Rumor has it: Nintendo is planning a 4K fix with a new graphics chip that enables display in 4K, thanks to a hardware upgrade like NVIDIAS DLSS technology. And basically nothing seems absurd: because the Nintendo Switch, despite its huge success, has been under its belt for a few years and often looks “old”, especially with modern titles. It is also an open secret that Nintendo will provide significant hardware upgrades sooner or later.Switch 2“Or possible”Replace Pro“It is difficult to predict what the future will hold. Professionals also disagree with each other on this issue.

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At this point all of this is still a long way off and, of course, seemed precious little with the recently released ones Nintendo Switch OLED To do. However, at the same time, somehow it did: after all, the reaction of the sports community to the announcement of “Switch OLED” was very mixed. Many tech fans were expecting upgrades beyond the alleged 4K switch or at least some other new OLED screen and some minor quality improvements. But now that the Nintendo Switch OLED actually exists, it surprised us a bit: why? We will reveal in the next sections who Switch OLED is really useful for.

Nintendo Switch OLED: A screen to fall in love with

Switch OLED cuts a great image on the outside! Photo: Nintendo

After the switch unleashes the LED, it goes straight to the nitty-gritty: the switch’s OLED screen is really such a big difference, do we want to believe the PR reports? Truth be told, the answer to the question can only be “yes”. First: The new switch comes with a brand new OLED screen, but it is there too 7 inch screen with diagonal Larger than the screen of a normal 6.2-inch switch. It may not look great on paper, but it does have a significant impact on the look of the game: the large screen diagonal removes the annoying black stripes on the original model. Not only is the display larger now, it is significantly “darker” than the original switch and overall higher quality. As already mentioned in the introductory speech, nothing technically changed in the switch, which means it is still in portable mode. The screen can reach a maximum of 720p resolution. After two weeks of testing with various games, we could not confirm the fear that the slightly larger screen diagonal would “blur” the image. But in a little while more.

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The biggest difference between the new switch and the old switch is the said OLED screen. After extensive testing of games such as “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” or the brand new “Metroid Dread” we must admit that it is difficult to imagine switching to the original switch You have an OLED TV at home, individually controllable OLED You know for sure that diodes enable perfect black positions and excellent color representation. This is also the position of the switch OLED: If you control the Samus Aran with the unique biomes of “Metroid Dread”, The picture looks incredibly clear and crisp. This is also the reason Totally matched contradictions. A real “wow” effect here really sets us apart sometimes: the respective ingredient is so different and colorful that Switch OLED allows its “muscles” to run. Especially when facing the standard switch with the LCD screen, the image of the normal switch seems to be covered with a gray veil, especially in dark scenes.

Samus Aran from Metroid DreadGaming

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Although the OLED switch reflects slightly higher than the LCD screen, the OLED switch is the best choice in daylight because the best variations give the best view of the least brightness. According to the first tests, the switch OLED is not really “bright”, but the appearance in daylight is still very satisfactory. Despite the high-contrast new screen, The The battery life of the new Switch OLED is absolutely satisfactory: Able to play for 4-5 hours on OLED switch with high brightness. Overall, Nintendo claims 4.5-9 hours of operating time. The first switch was administered for only 2.5 – 6 hours.

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Nintendo Switch OLED: Other useful improvements

Switch OLED's new kickstand
Switch OLED’s new kickstand is very successful Photo: Nintendo

So the screen is very impressive. But what other store has the Nintendo Switch OLED? The second most important change is actually only a small thing, but it is too late: Nintendo Significantly improved the “kickstand”, i.e. the rear position of the switch. Was Table method Before that, considering the very bitter and thin plastic stand, the switch could now be set at any angle and used as a table due to a complete padding, wide kickstand. It is currently in operation and would be a huge and significant improvement to the games you play in pairs, for example, which, to be honest, would have been necessary even with the original switch.

Otherwise, the changes to the predecessor model are minimal: a small GLarge internal memory 64 GB 32GB is just as good as it is now Integrated LAN port Switch on OLED dock. In general, the dock and ports of the switch are slightly redesigned: everything looks a bit stronger and of higher quality. To avoid scratching the OLED display, the margin of maneuver in placing the switch in doc mode is slightly higher. And for portable users, The Speaker Switch Edited: In fact, while headphones or Bluetooth headphones (now supported) are definitely more desirable, audio playback sounds a bit better.

Conclusion about the Nintendo Switch OLED: Who is it really buying for?

First, to clarify: For gamers who use the switch in (almost) exclusively tagged mode, the switch does not change anything in OLED practice. Sure, a slightly better dock, LAN port or larger memory (64GB) switch is fine, but there’s no reason to upgrade to the more expensive OLED model as nothing technically changes. In chopped mode, the games of the original switch and switch OLED run completely identical.

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For gamers who primarily use the switch in portable mode, things look a little different: the OLED screen impresses with its stunning color rendering, perfect black positions and crisp display, which makes switch games look very clear with clearance. In addition, the OLED model does not have the annoying screen edges of the LCD version: the 7-inch screen looks like a real premium upgrade in a positive sense. Switch users can expect significantly longer battery life from the beginning (although this was also the case with the last regular switch modification).

For those who do not have a switch yet, we strongly recommend buying the Nintendo Switch OLED because the extra charge of around யூ 50 actually pays off due to useful upgrades like better screen and upgraded kickstand. If you can cheaply upgrade to a new model and play a lot with your handheld, you should think twice, because at least in our view, gaming on the switch OLED will be more valuable and ultimately better. Despite all the ecstasy surrounding the OLED model, it is a shame that the switch did not look like this from the beginning: a few years after it was officially introduced, the switch really feels full. Internal components already feel bad and have reached their performance limits.

We got a test sample from the manufacturer for testing

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