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PostePay and Unauthorized Debit: Refund

PostePay and Unauthorized Debit: Refund

PostePay, multiple reports for unauthorized fees, here’s how to get a fair refund

PostePay (web)

This is not a good time for Post Italian card managers, PostePay. Then Fraud affecting the account The struggle that has been going on for days, from many users, with their reports from other customers. They are concerned Fee Unauthorized On your card.

Officially, the authorization comes through Google Play, so from time to time a fee of 4-5 euros is charged. But if no one asks for things that justify the fee from the Android operating system, is it possible to get a refund? We can find out.

PostePay, in which you can withdraw money

We assume that deducting an amount that is not explicit but not authorized to the user in any case is not a single charge of 5 euros. If the problem is not prevented, These payments can reach hundreds of euros, And this happened to those who already had several accounts in PT. Before proceeding, we recommend How to update PostePay without getting involved in more scams.

The strange thing is that the customers who made the complaint did not buy on Google Play or click on the weird links related to the phishing activity. Of these, even automatic help for PostePay customers will not help, as it does not lead to a return to the word ‘cloning’, which is the correct meaning.

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