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Possible geomagnetic activity on November 20th

The new flow of solar wind is in its path and many are wondering what will happen to the earth on November 20th. The expectation is here.

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There is no point in denying it. From emails sent via social networks to instant messaging applications, now we are all always connected. We have many devices at our disposal, through which we can Communication With friends and relatives in every corner of the planet. All the tools that allow you to facilitate many daily activities, thanks to the application Website.

But what would you think if we told you that?Geomagnetic activity Can it endanger communication networks? In this environment, in fact, you should know that the new flow of solar wind is coming at high speed, many people wonder what it will be. Will take place on Earth on November 20th. So let’s go into details and see what to expect.

High-velocity solar wind flow: can induce geomagnetic activity

A few weeks ago we told you about a great opportunity Solar storm There may be a reason The global blackout of the Internet network Due to the vulnerability of repeaters used in submarine cables. It is worth remembering that this is just a hypothesis, with a probability of 1.6 to 12% for this type of solar storm in the coming decades.

However, precisely in this context, the message of the coming of the earth, a New high-speed solar wind flow. In fact, as announced by the forecasters of NOAA or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the cloud of charged particles will soon reach our planet.

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Especially if the material has to come in between 21 and 22 November As the cloud of charged particles is ejected into space from the coronal hole in the Sun’s atmosphere, all of this is possible, if not enough. November 20 We see new geomagnetic activity and Arctic auroras. This may be due to the arrival of the CIR or co-rotating contact zone orbiting our planet before the flow of solar wind.

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As experts explain, these are transition zones characterized by fast and slow motion. As the high-velocity solar wind precedes the slower wind, zones with extreme fluctuating magnetic fields are formed. The latter, in addition to coronal mass discharges, can Interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field, Thus initiating weak or moderate geomagnetic storms.