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Free games for the weekend

Free games for the weekend

This weekend, Steam, Epic Games Store and other providers are offering free games again.

The Epic Games Store starts with three games. For example, there is the “Guild of Dungeoning”, a turn-based dungeon crawler that plays cards. The hero is not directly controlled, instead the player takes control of the dungeon. But be careful: the Ultimate Edition is not free, only the classic version of the game. In view of the 75 per cent positive reviews, the title is definitely worthy of the category fans. The second free game on Epic is called “Kit a Meniscus Exhibition”. Original works of art and recordings from Radiohead’s albums “Kid A” and “Amnesiac” were modeled. Band fans should get their money’s worth here.

Never alone

The third free game “Never Alone” was released in 2014. It is an indie platform in which a friend can optionally take on the role of the second character. The graphics of the title still impress today and the 81 percent positive ratings of Steam represent a worthy type representative.

Sam and Call of Duty

Ubisoft currently offers the classic “Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory”. Anyone interested in Sam Fisher’s stealth series should catch it. You can try the current “Call of Duty: Vanguard” multiplayer mode without any need. The first person shooter can join friends until 7pm on November 22nd. Racing enthusiasts can watch “The Crew 2” from Ubisoft. You can try the open world game with multiplayer mode on weekends without any risk. In addition, a free demo of the strategy game “Mankind” is now available for download. Type fans must see.

Download the Guild of Dungeoning for free from the Epic Games Store

Download the Kid A Mnesia Exhibition for free from the Epic Games Store

Download “Never Alone” for free from the Epic Games Store

Splinter Cell: Download Chaos Theory from Ubisoft for free

Try “The Crew 2” for free on Ubisoft

Download the Humanity Demo for free