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Poll of the Week: Should Nintendo Release a Nintendo Switch Lite with an OLED Screen? – Tower

Although a good Sunday and week come to our survey, first, we begin to look back at the previous survey.

Last week’s poll

Last week we asked what is your favorite game in the Animal Crossing Main series. Admittedly, the survey was very exciting because Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Animal Crossing: New Leaf competed closely head-on. You can see which game ended up being the most popular game Past poll Visited.

Weekly poll

This week Nintendo announced the latest quarterly figures and while overall Nintendo Switch sales are still in good range, Nintendo Switch Lite sales have been declining year on year (We reported) Between April and June 2021, 25% of Nintendo Switchlight was purchased at Nintendo Switchlight, up from 42% a year earlier.

We took this as an opportunity to start a survey as some of the comments yearned for a Nintendo Switch light with an OLED screen. We are interested in your feedback and look forward to your discussion in the comments.

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