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35 years old today

35 years old today

Many more birthdays in 2021 this year! 40 years of Mario and Donkey Kong, 35 years of Metroid, 25 years of Pokemon! But this year a small character dressed in green, who did not appear at first, but for the first time allowed to engage in a simple adventure, from which each new creation from the series will be viewed impatiently. You only have to look at the panic of pre-orders for Skyward Sword HD Remaster in many countries, even one of the most controversial episodes benefits from the brilliance of the franchise and allows a new life through its game via Joy-Con.

If this first Zelda game is no longer appealing today, considering the number of clones the recipe has taken, we must recognize it in the context of the time it takes to launch an action-adventure game in the open world that you have spent. Lots of time to explore, navigate, and find treasures, without a ton of restrictions to deal with in a simple graphic style, it is clearly refreshing (except for your truly graphics). Taste in its release, but related to the possibilities of time). On the other hand, a stroke of genius, the integration of a backup system allows you to resume your adventure in a different way (although this is much less at first than the practice we know today).

Connecting the adventurer is like us. What he doesn’t fully speak of gives us the illusion of being our incarnation in the game. It’s an adventure with a capital A and its share of emotions, we make choices, it happens. They don’t explain everything to us in advance, we find out. We start the game and we immediately embark on the adventure. Since then, if some episodes had known the tasty scenes, the strength of the last breath of the forest would have precisely now returned to the first sense of this 35-year-old chapter: Freedom. You can finish the fight against Cannon as quickly as possible. But you take the time to explore all the game universes, take the time to test all the cooking tips, collect all the Crocus nuts, and you have the technical skills without having to fight a particular enemy to climb the rocks. You can play the game as you like.

This sound universe is also set up very quickly: a treasure hunt, a melody. Combining video games and music will create a common, inseparable work. You can’t think of Zelda without hearing in your head the most famous works of Koji Kondo.

Introduction to Legend of Zelda (NES)22/02/2021

Fanny Replord, journalist, musician and author who specializes in video game music, explained last year An article on French music was published, “Nintendo tells Goji Kondo to create music that is not heard in a video game. This is the moment when the sweet era begins, the moment when video games started playing the best melodies”.

As Nintendo’s first official composer, while music was still a secondary feature, Kondo’s compositions heralded the arrival of music as a key feature in a video game: “Music is very powerful. It creates the atmosphere for games and stimulates the rise and fall of emotions. Condo. Since Saga’s first installment in 1986, the player has been using a magical recorder to open hidden doors, filter lakes, break down walls, and weaken some enemies.

Evolution of Zelda theme song (1986 – 2019)22/02/2021

But let’s get back to the two creators of this game, Shikeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tejuka, who designed this title in parallel with the famous Super Mario Brothers, starting in Zelda and eventually giving him priority five months ago. When we ask him a question, when Interview for Link’s Thirtieth Birthday, Where did this idea of ​​creating this type of adventure with such a hero come from, Shikeru acknowledged that Indiana Jones was and marked him.

Left to right: Miyamoto, Tezuka and Kondo

True, I wanted to bring that sense of adventure to a video game. During the day, computer RPG players boasted about the strength of their swordsmen and at night exchanged information with each other. When I noticed this, I thought it was an interesting environment.

So I decided to create a treasure hunt based adventure game themed around the world of swords and witches, which is the beginning of The Legend of Zelda.

Usually, requests are made to return the Zelda to a 2D display. So the idea of ​​Zelda Maker like Mario Maker was created by the fans, but was nipped in the bud by Nintendo to protect its IP. But to allow everyone to create their own view of Hirole and create adventures in which he is a hero, is this not the complete creel that the Legend of Zelda must strive for, to open the game video towards freedom and act as he sees fit?

Happy Birthday to Princess Zelda, who comes forward to help her every time with her Night Link (as Mario comes to the aid of Princess Peach) confronts Canaan (Bowser’s alternate ego).

The Legend of Zelda turns 35: Check out a cult video game Saga22/02/2021

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