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Mii (Tomadachi Life)

Poll of the Week: Should Nintendo Games Have More Consonants Again? – ntower

Come to our poll of the week, we hear your opinion weekly about Nintendo and the video game world in general. Today we dedicate ourselves again to an exciting topic, but first we want to remind you of the previous survey.

Last week’s poll

At the start of the new year 2021, we ask you about your preferences for Nintendo this year. Many of you commented on this survey and wrote your wishlist, thank you to all the participants! If you want to read realistic and unreliable comments from users, then Click hereGo to the previous survey. Of course, you can also write your opinion.

Weekly poll

Do you know any more Mii characters? Avatars was introduced with the main channel on the Wii console about 15 years ago, after which avatars are available on all released consoles from Nintendo, including the Nintendo Switch. But in the days of Wee, games like Wee Sports or Wee Party still relied heavily on true characters, along with Mitobia and Tomotachi Life, which also applied to the Nintendo 3DS family. However, with the exception of the Nintendo Switch, Go Holiday, the new Super Mario Brothers U Deluxe, Mario Kard 8 Deluxe and Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, there are plenty of consonants in the background because of the option to run consonants in these games. In these games, however, the Mii characters were reused based on previous console games. The current game Nintendo Switch, which relies heavily on consonants, is not yet available. Consonants were very popular in the Wii era, and even Microsoft used their own avatars on Xbox. One can only guess whether Apple’s emojis were also inspired by real characters.

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In today’s question, we ask you if you want more consonants in Nintendo games. The comments justify how the Nintendo Mii characters will be used in the future.