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Pokemon Crown Tundra Release Time LIVE, Nintendo Sword and Shield DLC Update |  Gaming |  Entertainment

Pokemon Crown Tundra Release Time LIVE, Nintendo Sword and Shield DLC Update | Gaming | Entertainment

Pokemon Crown Tundra Releases Time News for October (Image: Nintendo)

Update: Trainers have now confirmed that the new Pokemon Crown tundra update on the Nintendo Switch consoles has begun tonight. It’s not clear if the Important Sword and Shield DLC patch is still available to everyone, but it will be available in the UK by 5am B.S.T.

Update: Nintendo has released a small update on its Pokemon Crown tundra release date plans, which will take place on Friday 23 October in the UK.

This was confirmed in a brief Twitter message released by Nintendo UK and refers to what we know about Pokemon Home Care scheduled for this week.

Pokemon Home Maintenance is scheduled for October 22 from 23:00 UTC to October 23 at 04:00 UTC, which will require a new update to download once completed.

The Pokemon Crown Tundra release time in the UK on Friday, October 23rd will be 5 p.m.

Original: Pokemon Crown Tundra Release Date Thursday, October 22, 2020 is officially confirmed on the Nintendo Switch, although the timing may vary depending on where you live.

The new expansion will explore the new part of the map, and there will be plenty of new Pokemon to catch.

According to Nintendo’s latest announcement, the Crown Tundra area is heavily stocked with the legendary Pokemon, so this will be a good opportunity to strengthen your current lineup.

A message from Pokemon teases: “With the crown tundra, coaches can meet every legendary Pokemon that appears in the main series of Pokemon video games. Players can find and catch Pokemon while the crown is in the tundra or while they are on Dynamus Adventures.

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“In the Crown Tundra, trainers will be able to explore a vast, fast-paced landscape with truncated, snow-capped mountains and glossy ice skates.

“Beginning November 6, coaches will have the opportunity to purchase packages containing the Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield Base Game and the game’s related expansion bass, including The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra.

“These bundles are very suitable for trainers who have not yet traveled in the collar region.”

What is the Pokemon Crown Tundra Release Time?

Nintendo has confirmed that the Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra release date is set for Thursday, October 22 on the switch consoles.

The only problem is, we do not have the exact time shared by Nintendo. However, there are some predictions in this regard based on past releases and maintenance performed on Pokemon home servers today.

One thought is that the Pokemon Crown tundra expansion on October 23, 2020 will drop to midnight EST. So if this proves to be correct, the official Pokemon Crown tundra release time will be set for BST on Friday 23rd October at 5am. In the UK.

Additional news can be shared by Nintendo prior to release, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the game’s official social media feeds.

Further details on the new tundra expansion and what new content and features will be added to the game can be found below:

Tundra location

The Crown Tundra is the second area you can visit with your expansion pass. See for yourself this vast landscape, with glittering snow slides!

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In this fast-paced area with disconnected, icy mountains, people have settled into a small, tight community.

Here at the beginning of your adventures, a person named Peony will appoint you as the head of his research team in the Crown Tundra.

You will be tasked with exploring the boundaries of this frozen land, including the depths of Pokemon Ten, which you could only see so far during the Max Raid struggles!

Dynamics Adventures

In Dynamax Adventures, players explore a Pokemon Dane with three other coaches, where Dynamox is said to be lurking in Pokemon.

Instead of their regular Pokemon team, players and their fellow trainers choose Pokemon, which they can temporarily use for battle (rental Pokemon), which are brought to the depths of the cave.

Players will have to work with their three teams in the Battle of Max Raid, whenever they encounter a Wild Dynamics Pokemon while exploring. If they win the battle, players will have a chance to catch the Pokemon, and a coach on the team can replace the newly captured Pokemon with the Pokemon they previously had.

Trainers can explore the cave more deeply through Endless Dynamics Adventures, which allows the player to continue until he loses a battle.