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Pokemon announces "Project Diffloof", a new project to "spread Diploop's beauty around the world".

Pokemon announces “Project Diffloof”, a new project to “spread Diploop’s beauty around the world”.

No, this is not a joke.

This year, Pokemon Compaqni is celebrating its 25th anniversary, on this occasion, several events are planned, including the release of a sober music album Pokemon 25: Album, But let’s talk about that again!

Pokemon has launched a new program called “Project People”. The program will provide a series of promotional activities featuring Pokemon Diploof. To mark the start of the campaign, the official Pokemon YouTube channel has uploaded a Japanese promotional video for the project. A brief description of the video (in Japanese) states that the project aims to “spread the beauty of Diplob around the world.”

It is not yet clear how Pokமொmon plans to do this. But there is one Official website, An account Twitter And one Instagram Follow this Pochama project (Vovil Difflow) and other videos will soon be featured on Pokemon’s YouTube channel.

Otherwise, for the album, we recommend finding a clip of one of the first titles from the upcoming album, which has a title Electric And Katy Perry (along with Picasso and the bitch) explains. !

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