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Nintendo Switch Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

‘Pokemon’ 2021 Leaks: New Nintendo Switch Game ‘Diamond and Pearl’ Remake

Nintendo’s gaming growth is now surrounded by speculation as leaks have revealed that a new “Pokemon” 2021 game is coming to Nintendo Switch, and all the news points to a remake of the old title. Reliable Pokemon Leak ‘leads the public to the greatest possibility of a Generation IV remake, also known as “Diamond and Pearl”.

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Popular Japanese multinational video game company Nintendo is developing a new “Pokemon” game under its sleeves, and sees a 2021 release for its hybrid console Nintendo Switch. The next game will be a special release from Nintendo because it is a big event for its game development team.

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Game Freak 25th Anniversary: ​​Nintendo Switch ‘Pokemon’ 2021 Game

According to Comicbook Gaming, The massive Japanese game developer, Game Freak has returned to work with Nintendo for a new “Pokemon” game with Nintendo, which will be adapted to the Nintendo Switch 3D open world. This game will be the second open world game focusing on the coach’s adventures and a game storyline.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

(Photo: Pokemon)

In addition, Game Freak is close to celebrating its 25th anniversary with the creation of the “Pokemon” game series with Nintendo. This partnership helped establish companies for the great successes established as part of Japan’s video game giants.

The first three generations of the Pokemon manga have already received its remake with past titles released by Nintendo on its various platforms.

  • Generation 1, with the Charmonder, Squirrel, Bulbosar and Picasso of the Kondo region, is a remake of the switch game with “Pokemon Let’s Go Picasso and EV”, which is “Pokemon Yellow”
  • Generation 2 with Johdo’s Sigorita, Syntagil and Totodile saw two GPA versions with “Hardcold” and “Soul Silver”; And
  • The Hoen Region of Generation 3 with Mutkip, Torsik and Treco received a Nintendo 3DS “Omega Ruby” and “Omega Sapphire” remake.
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Nintendo Switch Leaks: Pokemon 2021 Game ‘Diamond and Pearl’

The trend for Pokemon games that leaked is believed to be a remake of the next Nintendo Switch game “Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl”. The story revolves around the manga’s Generation IV, following a development pattern that remakes the first three generations.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

(Photo: Pokemon)

Twitter’s French Nintendo leak, Gelios (El Gelios FR), Reveals that there will be four Pokemon games launching Nintendo’s Switch platform for 2021. These games are a remake of “Pokemon Snap,” “Pokemon Unite,” “Pokemon Detective Picachu 2” and the main series.

The leak strongly points to a major series remake of the 2006 release of “Diamond and Pearl” by Nintendo DS. It is noteworthy, however, that although Gelios was a credible leaker and saw his earlier beliefs coming to the fore, all of this was based on speculation.

No comments, news or teaser from Game Freak or Nintendo on the new Pokemon 2021 game for Nintendo Switch. This game follows the 8th generation “Pokemon Sword and Shield” from Manga.

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