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PlayStation Store, PS4 Games for less than 5 Euros with Spring Discount - Nerdu 4. Life

PlayStation Store, PS4 Games for less than 5 Euros with Spring Discount – Nerdu 4. Life

The Spring discounts, Launched in recent days PlayStation Store, Will allow you to buy many more PS4 games Further Less than 5 euros. Here is our traditional selection!

Available until April 15 promotion Spring discounts cover many topics, including the latest, but if you want to spend as little as possible and pick up some options, it is clear that you need to dedicate yourself to retrieving some new gems.

This is the level at which Resident Evil 0 is raised PS4 An excellent Remaster This is for you 4.99 Euro Instead of 19.99; Or original Citizen Evil, also available 4.99 Euro Instead of 19.99.

If you want more action-oriented experiences, there is interesting destruction 4.49 Euro Instead of 29.99, the attractive Metro 2033 Redux a 3,99 Euro 19.99 or pretty instead Such as souls Surge a 4.99 Euro Instead of 19.99.

Driving games are also well-represented at this time, with the most arcade and most iconic experiences: from Frenzy Onrush (2,49 Euro 9.99 instead of) for strict plan CARS (3,74 Euro Instead of 14.99), from RIDE 2 (3,99 Euro Sebastian Loeb Rally EVO (instead of 39.99)3,99 Euro Instead of 19.99).

There are some products Independent Of a certain thickness, for example Milanoir a 2,59 Euro Instead of 12.99, Virginia Special Edition a 3,37 Euro Instead of 11.25 or retro adventure desert kid a 4.39 Euro Instead of 10.99 for PlayStation Plus subscribers).

Finally, we report a particularly convenient package E.A. Family bundle, For that 3,99 Euro Instead of 39.99 (again for BS Plus subscribers, otherwise this figure would go up to 5.99 euros) it would be Need for Speed, Plants Vs. Zombies: Lets buy Garden Warfare 2 and Fall.

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