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Neuausrichtung: CD Projekt Red kündigt große Veränderungen nach dem Cyberpunk-Debakel an

CD Project Announces Big Changes After Red Cyberbank Failure ›Dr. Windows

Polish publisher C.D., who drew attention to the release of Cyberpunk 2077 with numerous negative headlines. Something is going on at Project Red, mainly due to a number of issues with the Lost General consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4. After gradually gaining the effects of the hack under control, Cyberbunk 2077, the most important and most comprehensive link to version 1.2, after version 1.2, those responsible have now announced significant changes.

One of the most important changes is the parallel development of several IPs, so that in addition to Cyberbank 2077, more innovations are to be created for The Witcher owner. Growth should become more active and focus on the classic single player as well as online experiences should play a big role. In general, the focus on AAA roll-flaming games should become a cross-type approach with a related hub, and the company’s own owners should be further developed into an ecosystem with mobile offshoots and beyond functions from the hub of real AAA games. Gaming.

In 2021, Cyberbunk will follow up with more patches and updates as planned in 2077, as well as the next-gen update expected. Free DLCs are planned for all users. In addition to further development of GWENT, The Witcher mobile AR game will also focus on The Witcher: Monster Slayer. In addition, The Witcher 3 should get the next-gen update expected.

CD Project Red imagines the parallel development of several AAA-IPs, the latest to be launched in 2022, for Cyberbank 2077 and The Witcher, as can be seen below with two more graphics. I have attached the video with the presentation below for you. It is unclear whether CD Project Red will make changes to its own online marketplace GOG in the long run in addition to its own owners.

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