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PlayStation: The new stock of PS5 consoles goes on sale this Monday, March 8th

PlayStation: New stock of PS5 consoles for sale on Citigroup and Amazon

Written by Cecil D., Risline F. March 17, 2021 at 1:23 p.m. Updated March 17, 2021 at 1:23 pm.

Since its launch, Sony’s latest PlayStation console, the PS5, has fallen victim to its success. Players who want to get one face a shortage of stock in the store. Citigroup is offering a batch of consoles this March 17 at 2pm, while Amazon is bringing these new consoles for sale on Thursday 20 March 20, 2021: 50,000 PS5s captured. Ready, set …

First PS5 release, L ‘Buy the latest PlayStation console Contains an epic quest. One of the major brands Sold It’s frustrating for players who want to get one. On top of that Sales sites between individuals, Resellers The dishonest ones raise prices. Of course, to get The latest PlayStation console, You have to earn it. So buyers should be on the lookout.

New week, new shares of PS5 are on sale in stores. We are starting this March 17th Cityscount, It is on sale from 2 p.m. This 18 Mars 2021, Which Amazon It attracts all eyes. The leader of online sales offers sales 50 000 consoles This Thursday. Warning! To believe that you will get one of these precious crayons, you need to log in version American Of the site. Don’t panic, however, if you can put one of these consoles in the basket, you can deliver what you bought to France.

No PS5 upload time provided. We need to be on the lookout and on abuse alerts. This is not bad news, however: it prevents an army Bots Plans their purchase in advance and leaves inventory before you access them.

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Were all the consoles sold before you got one? Don’t panic, the PS5 will be back in stores soon. Here are our tips: