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PlayStation "has a great reputation for supporting the creative process" says Jade Raymond -

PlayStation “has a great reputation for supporting the creative process” says Jade Raymond –

Jade Raymond, President of New Haven Studios, explained why his team decided to create PlayStation 5 game In collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment. PlayStation, the creator of Assassin’s Creed, said it “has a great reputation for supporting the creative process.”

More specifically, while talking to, Raymond was asked what prompted the new Haven Studio to partner with Sony. Raymond He said: “Sony has a good reputation for supporting creative process and development teams. I ‘ve talked a lot with different developers about my experience working with different publishers, and Sony stands out as a company that understands creative process and game development, and supports development teams and gives them the autonomy they need. That’s one of the main reasons why Sony is so popular. ”

Jade Raymond

The Team motivation However, it’s definitely not commercial, as Raymond said, and many of the developers on the team were Sony fans.

Speaking of PS5: A major game remake will be announced in December, with the singer revealing what he worked on.

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