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Upgrade and upgrade your apps - Download the update now

Upgrade and upgrade your apps – Download the update now

It is necessary to update the applications to directly experience the text of the competitions. Web applications have also been launched

An important update of our app for iOS and Android is now available to make all the functionality available to users. From the new text live to the use of photo galleries, from videos to video messages, polls and many more minor changes now. Attention: And Basic Upgrade the app to the latest application to use next Text live Or this It is not available in older versions of the app. Download or update now to get the best reading experience with FcInterNews.

Additionally, a new tool is available to use FcInterNews from mobile: Web application. Many of you have already noticed the call “Stay up to date with the latest news from FCinternews” and “Download web application”: this is a ‘shortcut’ that can be installed on your mobile phone just like a processor. Goes directly to the mobile version of with a one-time icon. In parallel to the aforementioned applications that are specially designed, it is another convenient and quick way to use the site with a single gesture.

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