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Playable, Age Empires IV is in the balance / polishing phase

Playable, Age Empires IV is in the balance / polishing phase

So, inevitably, when Studio World’s Edge Shannon Loftis takes to the floor today to talk about ownership Period of empires In general, but Age of Empires IV In particular, this is a small event… especially since it seems to have some good news.

Through a long message on the official website of the franchise, he first takes stock Age III Limited Edition of Empires Released last October 15 before switching Age II of the Empires Limited Edition It is subject to numerous updates throughout 2020. So a task that needs to get the reinforcement of an extension, Lords of the West, From next year.

Finally, Shannon Loftis returned to the case Age of Empires IV Relic and the World’s Edge ” We play it every day “Without really saying much, she allows a little comment about the development.

« Creating an RTS is fun: it takes time to create different game systems (AI, economy, simulation, rendering, etc.) and they still take longer to work together properly. You’ve got a game when it suddenly happens. A game that needs to be debugged, balanced and tweaked, but its main feature – you know you’re going to ship – is there. .

Shannon Loftis Despite health restrictions, “ The game is placed on the track “And if he doesn’t meet with players, we can reasonably expect 2021 to be interesting for anyone waiting. Age of Empires IV.