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An astronomer discovered how to create a Tyson sphere

An astronomer discovered how to create a Tyson sphere

In confusing – but predictable – messages for humanity, this runs the risk of being quickly dealt with. Lack of energy. Also, this is not a new omen: already in the 1960s, British-American theorist Freeman Tyson He was worried about it and was looking for a solution to the problem.

The physicist imagined a kind of mega structure. “Tyson Sphere”: If built around a star, it makes it possible to exploit its energy. But the scientist simply left no trace necessary to achieve what he described “A habitable shell”.

From today until today, Freeman Tyson’s theory has not stopped fascinating most ambitious scientists. According to Popular Mechanics, German astronomer Dirk Schulz Maguch Would be very close to the possible conception of the glorious sphere.

Imagine all the energy of our sun, which can be used by humans. No doubt: among us Kardashian moves to the second level of the scale, Which will enable it to respond to the energy crisis for a very long time and dream even bigger. For example, why not use this energy to push us toward extraterrestrial life and discover other forms of extraterrestrial life?

Crowd of flying objects

Dirk Schulz Maguch is a professor Berlin University of Technology. Inspired by the hypotheses of extraterrestrial life, he began to show interest in the Tyson sphere ten years ago.

Together with one of his alumni, Brooks Harrop, he discovered many problems in the generally accepted design. The most important of these is this: since no object available today can withstand such a force, there is a risk that the sphere will collapse under the force of gravity. Engineers who have imagined a resistive structure have shown that it uses more of the core star’s energy.

If we can solve this first obstacle, the question remains Asteroids And Solar flares The structure must also withstand.

Tyson found a possible solution: a continuous structure in the form of a mass of flying objects placed in an independent orbit around the star. That would require about 10 million.

Dirk Schulze Makuch and his student devised a design to meet these challenges, which they named. Solar Wind Power Satellite (SWPS). Their idea: Satellites do not use the energy of visible light, but electrons, they are half Solar wind.

Each of these satellites weighs approximately 3.7 tons and will each meet the needs of 1,000 American households. They can be constructed of relatively inexpensive materials such as copper wire.

On the other hand, even with minor maintenance, these satellites do not self-clean and are at risk of disintegrating over time. Another obstacle is the system needed to keep millions or billions of satellites in orbit.

If adequate answers to these challenges are not yet available, the hypothesis put forward by Dirk Schulze Makuch is different. Extraterrestrial life forms Emergence could have already achieved this.

According to the physicist, if an organism appears on a habitable planet, it will eventually evolve and become smarter, which is the basis of this argument.

According to Tyson, if an extraterrestrial life form perceived the Tyson sphere, we could detect its existence. Perhaps the inhabitants of other planets have come to the same conclusion as the researchers, which means that it is not a very practical invention to respond effectively to the energy crisis?

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