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Play Store downloads reached 28.3 billion during the lockout

Play Store downloads reached 28.3 billion during the lockout

It seems that Android users have spent extra time during the lockdown to try out some new apps.

According to the data Sensor Tower, 24.3 billion applications were downloaded from the Play Store in Q1 2020. It peaked at 28 billion downloads in Q2 and 28.3 billion in Q3. In perspective, this represents an increase of 31 percent per year.

The most popular types of downloads on the Play Store in Q2 2020 are:

  • Gaming (13.49%)
  • Education (9.11%)
  • Business (6.95%)
  • Tools (5.88%)
  • Entertainment (5.82%)
  • Lifestyle (5.62%)
  • Music and Audio (5.21%)
  • Books and Reference (4.51%)
  • Customization (4.21%)
  • Productivity (3.49%)
  • Food and Beverage (3.46%)
  • Shopping (3.43%)
  • Health & Fitness (3.43%)
  • Travel and local (3.28%)
  • Finance (3.05%)

While there is a debate over quality over size, the iOS App Store has far fewer apps and fewer downloads than Android.

In Q2 2020, there were 2.7 million apps for Android users to choose from. This represents an increase of 5.85% over the previous quarter.

On iOS, Q2 2020 had 1.82 million applications. However, this is down 1.2 percent compared to the previous quarter.

Unlike the Play Store, downloads on the App Store rose to 9.3 billion in Q1 2020. This is down from $ 9.1 billion in Q2 and $ 8.2 billion in Q3.

However, the introduction of the iPhone 12 in Q4 will trigger a lot of new App Store downloads in the coming weeks.

(Photo Mika Palmester Ann Unsplash)

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