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Pixel 6 Wallpaper: All background images from the Billboard campaign (gallery) can be downloaded here

For the clip

Google has been running the first advertising campaigns for a few weeks Pixel 6-smartphonesIt can be found again and again in all its glory in all available colors. As design plays a key role this year, appropriate wallpapers are also designed for marketing that may not be provided with the devices. You can download them all here.

Pixel 6 space1

The Pixel 6 smartphones are in a corner, and Google has often shown smartphones that have been around for a long time – of course this is the big goal. In advertisements and billboard advertisements, a variety of background images were used on smartphones, which are always placed in the same color as the smartphone, so it aims to support U design as an object. However, these are probably not standard wallpapers.

The background images have a few patterns and a few additional elements, resulting in an almost pixel 6 look. At least in advertising, the Material U widgets of Google apps go well because they blend in a little with the background, but can be recognized as such. In the image above you can see an example of where these images were used and how the wallpapers come to life with widgets and depicted characters.

Google’s designers have created a total of six background images that can only be used in marketing. If you want to get a small pixel impression on your smartphone now, you can view them separately here or download them. Unfortunately, the purple variant is missing.

Pixel 6 Wallpaper Marketing

As usual we provide six background images to view in Google Photos Gallery and a package with zip file to download in Google Drive. You can only download personal images from Google Photos because I uploaded them in full resolution. The wallpapers have a resolution of 1440 x 3122 pixels and of course you can use them as usual on any other smartphone you want to convert to pixels.

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Pixel 6 Marketing-Wallpaper: Gallery (Google Photos) | Download Tamil (Google Drive)

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