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Have only a third of development games been announced?  -

Have only a third of development games been announced? –

Xbox Games Studios According to journalist Jess Gordon’s assessment of being “sensible”, there will be many other games than the ones we know that are considered conservative. One-third of projects in development There were Microsoft’s first party teams Announced so far.

This is what was announced by Jess Gordon Al Podcast Xbox Two, Led by Thord Garden and Rand. It appears that Bethesda games are not included in this rating, considering that it is limited to the release area of ​​Xbox Game Studio, with a pre-map for Bethesda firm acquisition.

The Windows Central Reporter said that in the coming weeks, he will publish an article about Avot, through which he will be able to gather information on creating a new RPG for Absidian.

Overview of Xbox Game Studios, Microsoft’s First Party Groups

Apparently we can not take this as official news, just rumor, but it has been said that Garden has firm connections with Microsoft and the surrounding area.

These may be Some games Collected on Reddit based on unannounced, yet-to-be-released rumors: two titles from Mojang, a new game from Josh Sawyer, Gears 6 and The Collision, according to the Gordon re-report, new IP double well and compulsion, project cobalt from inXile, project sinus from oxide, intro from project MMO mentioned by Dragon, Jeff Grupp et al.

On the front Bethesda There are new games from the IT software (maybe an earthquake restart), possibly Wolfenstein from Machine Games, a new project at Tango Gameworks and games already announced along with Tencent.