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Pietro delle Piane talks about Antonella Elijah: Temp Temptation Island Script. Barbara d’Urzo downloads it: Let’s distance ourselves

Sliding Pietro delle Piane: «A Trigger Island I have one Handwritten paper“, The D’Urzo He downloads it வோம் Let us get away. Guest Not Live D’Urzo Along with his girlfriend Antonella Elijah, The actor makes a coffee about participating in his broadcast Maria de Philippi.

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This is not the first time that Pietro Delle has made piano passes while hosting TV shows, but this time he is not counted with Maria de Philippe. D’Urzo was no longer a guest with Antonella Elijah, who felt he had been attacked for his involvement on the island of Temptean, and he justified himself: “But there was a script for me, after you seem to love I lost …”

Barbara D’Urzo immediately tries to change the subject further, but after a while she reads a statement: “I have an important clarification. “Because it’s not scripted, no one has to take part in the program, but when we hear the word temptation island, we know it’s not something to talk about, because I’ll never let myself go.”


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