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New free PS4 and PS5 games, predictions and speculation

New free PS4 and PS5 games, predictions and speculation

We have now reached the middle of the month, and as always it is time Predictions for the new free PlayStation Plus games for April 2021. We already have a guarantee about the free PS5 game of the month, but what about the PS4 games?

Odworld Soulstorm will be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in April PS5 version only, PS4 version can not be downloaded for free. Destruction will be removed from the Allstars lineup next month.

It is a knot in the free games for PlayStation 4 and a serious candidate It could be For Cry 5, The popular Ubisoft game that could serve as a promotional vehicle for the Far Cry 6, which will be coming in the coming months. Following the same rationale, one can think of adding a housemark game to promote Rainbow Six Isolation / Return and Rainbow Six Siege siege to highlight the arrival of the parasite, but it is also true that these types of maneuvers do not occur from time to time. PlayStation Plus. There are those who believe in the Spyro Regenerated trilogy or Crash Team Racing nitro fuel, but there are no definite traces of this effect.

When we look at the first party games we mention Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition, Days Con e Gran Tourism Game, These three titles, which are not the most recent, are constantly being discounted on the PlayStation Store, which are the best games to become part of the PS Plus chart. In March, there are four games in the PlayStation Plus lineup Who knows, even in April, instead of the regular three Sony cannot follow the same path, Offers additional game to subscribers.

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