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Pierstadt: Office users can vote in the new standard fonts

Pierstadt: Office users can vote in the new standard fonts

Microsoft wants to change the standard font in its office products and asks for users’ help.

Microsoft last changed the default font in its office programs from Verdana to Calibri in 2007. According to Redmond, it’s time to change the landscape again in 2021. Microsoft writes on its 365 blog, “It’s time to move on.” Microsoft Office users want to participate in this “further development”. You can through social media

To participate
Any font should become the new office standard font. There are five competitors to choose from: Seaford, Grandview, Denorite, Skina and Pierstot.

All five fonts are Sans Serif fonts. Compared to the classic Times New Roman still in use in the print media today, Sans Serif fonts have little ticks and no prosperity. This is not obvious in text that runs like serif fonts, but on the contrary they look neat.

In the eyes of many office users, Steve Mateson received the prize for the most unusual name in five fonts with “Pierstadt”. It was inspired by 20th-century Swiss typography, which, according to Microsoft, stands for “order and control.” The name is not based on a German metropolis, but Mount Pierstodt – the mountain of Colorado peaks in the Rocky Mountains of North America. Microsoft encourages office users to try out five new fonts and inform the company through its social media channels that it should become the new standard font.

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