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Permission manager, page sharing, security, there are new features here

Permission manager, page sharing, security, there are new features here

Today the new version of Chrome comes with some interesting new features. In the program: a new page sharing system, better management of permissions and improved overall performance. Small overview.

Credit: Gayo / Bexels

Chrome 91 was a major update to the browser. Many new features were added to its lineup New design of file copying and pasting, search for closed tabs and form controls. Today, the latter leads to Chrome 92, which has been given less of an update, but works effectively in improving performance.

This new update is entitled to some more new features. These are the main focus Simplify tasks and user protection. Definitely not forgetting the optimization of the browser in using the resources of the device. Here’s what awaits you in this latest version of Chrome.

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Discover all the new features of Chrome 92

Web browsing in 2021 is similar to configuring the permissions granted to visited sites. All of these parameters can now be accessed whether a page is blocking you from finding it or disabling the sound it emits. From the small Patlock icon in the URL bar. The Permission tab allows you to manage everything a site can or cannot do.

Speaking of permissions, ad cookies have also become an unnecessary permission to consider. By replacing them with FLoC, Google not only made people happier, but far from it. The company is now abandoning the possibility Disable it at any time By going to the Privacy Sandbox page accessible from this link.

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The URL menu hides another trick up to its sleeve. Now it is possible Search for a function just like searching for a website. For example, typing “create shortcut” in the search bar will allow you to redirect yourself directly to the option without going through the traditional drop-down menu.

Chrome 92 makes it easy to share pages with the family or between different devices. In a dedicated center, this is possible Select an application to send the link to or generate a QR code for someone nearby. So the latter is similar to what is already in the Android version of the browser.

It is there to tackle safety and performance improvements. Extensions have recently been at the center of Google’s concerns, which recently added a feature to prevent unsafe apps for the user. With Chrome 92, Mountain View goes further by isolating each other Prevent information from communicating with each other.

Another improvement in security: Phishing attempts are now detected 50 times faster Than before. Finally, on the performance side, Chrome always wants less power and requires less than 1.2% of total processor time. What increases the autonomy of devices. Further, Search results can now be retrieved in 100 milliseconds, As opposed to 1.8 seconds in previous versions.

How to download Chrome 91?

The method to download the latest version of Chrome varies depending on your device. Here is the procedure to follow for each of them:

  • Android : Start browser update via Google Play Store
  • IPhone : Start browser update via App Store
  • Mac / PC / Linux : Go About Settings> About Chrome Search for update. You can go This link Download the latest version of Google Chrome
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What do you think of these new things in Chrome? Tell me in the comments!