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People can fly: Studio übernimmt Phosphor game

People can fly: Studio übernimmt Phosphor game

People Can Fly establishes its seventh place and takes the phosphor games.

People Can Fly is a newly formed subsidiary of People Can Fly Chicago, LLC.

Founded in 2009, Phosphorus Games, LLC is a medium-sized, highly experienced development team led by Justin Corcoran, Jarrod Bruno and Chip Sineni. Phosphorus is an unrealistic engine studio, and its portfolio includes titles such as The Brookhaven Experiment, Heroes Reborn: Gemini and Nathar.

“A new chapter is opening for our team,” says Justin Gorkaran, CEO of Phosphor Studio.

“People Can Fly – We’re excited to open a new Triple-A studio with People Can Fly Chicago. Our goal is to strengthen PCF’s presence in the United States and help people fly around the globe.”

“Acquisition of Phosphorus Group is a function of the strategy we announced during the PCF Group’s recent IPO. We need well-trained, ambitious professionals to realize our plans, as there are a large number of projects,” said Sebastien Wojciechowski, CEO of People Can Fly.

“Considering the experience and quality of the Phosphorus team, they will be a great addition to the PCF family and I hope they will stimulate our growth. Welcome to the board!”

People can fly Founded in 2002 and one of the best AAA game development studios in Poland. PCF operates in Warsaw, Russov, Lode, New York, Newcastle and Montreal. The PCF has made a name for itself as a shooter and has made a name for itself with titles such as Pain Killer, Bulletstorm and the recently released RPG Shooter. Outer Riders.

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The studio is currently working on two AAA projects: Square Enix, a new game and the original action-adventure title for the recently announced, take-to-interactive.

People Can Fly debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in December 2020. With the announcement of PCF Chicago, People Can Fly has increased its staff to more than 320 worldwide.