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After Baldur's Gate and Planescape Dormant, Beamdog makes something new - Nert 4.Life

After Baldur’s Gate and Planescape Dormant, Beamdog makes something new – Nert 4.Life

After the experience of an upgraded version of Baltur’s Gate and other remasters, Beamdog makes a new one

Beamdoc Is a publisher who specializes in classics centered on Dungeons & Dragons, which previously published revised versions of the series Baltur’s Gate ED Planescape Dormant, But it seems he is going to focus on something now Completely new.

We still don’t know what it is, but someone at the company’s official forum asked if the label works on a new RPG. Julius Borisov, The Beamdog Community and Social Media Manager, responded very clearly, noting that New project What is happening is completely new.

“While we have not completely closed the door on other restorators, Beamdog is currently working on a new game Intellectual Property of the Publisher“However, they could not release further details. In any case, this is not a re – release or redesign of a past success, but a new game.

Considering previous experience, it is a RPG, Linked to classical traditions such as redesigned titles previously published by Beamdoc, which specializes in re-proposing Improved version Balturin Gate, Balturin Gate 2, Icewind Tale and Planescape: True masterpieces of the past in the field of rolistics such as Dormant

All the restorators in question did Transforming games And we don’t know if the new game will work with the team in question. However, it should be a completely new intellectual property, and some announcements may come in the summer, perhaps for E3 2021, considering the description of the PC gaming show.